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Room camera and sound for our VideoScopy USB system

 A new option is now available for our VideoScopy USB system.

A additional room camera with sound can be added to our Videoscopy USB system to be able to record the patient test and sound. 

VideoScoop  allows for observation and video recording of one or both eyes on a computer monitor during the testing of a dizzy patient or while performing vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Video and audio are recorded into a single computer  by the VideoScoop software. VideoScoop  is designed to be compatible with a laptop or tower PC with Windows XP or Windows 7.

A 4-button RF remote control allows the operator to start and stop recording. A large format LCD TV can be configured as the display monitor for viewing the eyes across the room while at the patient's side.
VideoScoop  Monocular is configured with the monocular camera and goggles and in option a room camera and the remote control. The room camera video is overlaid on the eye image, giving a clear view of the patient test and the patient's eye movement. Audio commentary is recorded from the room camera.